Over the past few years, Israel has arrived on the international stage as an up-and-coming culinary destination, though it seems obvious to locals who have long recognized the unique and diverse cuisines that come together across the country.

Taste buds must work overtime in Israel thanks to the countless and diverse mouthwatering morsels waiting to be eaten here. When eating in Israel, all your senses are involved. You can smell it and see it being made. In Western countries, almost everything is pre-packaged so you don’t get to see or smell it. Food here really overwhelms the senses, but in a great way.

The Galilee is often described as Israel's Provence or Tuscany. It is rural, green and has top quality, locally grown agricultural produce. Olives, olive oil, fruit and vegetables have been staples since biblical days. In addition, there is an abundance of small boutique gourmet products ranging from cheeses, meats, breads and conserves, to beers, wines and liqueurs.

Israel Food Tours welcomes you to tour the food and culinary experiences that Israel has to offer, with our knowledgable and informed guides.


Discover the fantastically fresh cuisine of Northern Israel. If it's edible and from the Galilee, then we know about it. We want to share that experience with you.

We will take you to see as many wineries as you can handle, each with their own story, a boutique brewery, any number of goat's cheese dairies, a traditional coffee roaster and more.

We will also do a short Arab cooking workshop, where you will learn to prepare some local delicacies. You will then eat what you have prepared, and more, during a traditional Arab home cooked meal.

The itinerary is flexible and we have a list of options to suit your particular tastes.


Watch this short introductory clip for a sense of the excitement the new Israeli wine industry is generating.

Read the "Israel's Winemaking Revolution" article that appeared in Bloomberg Business magazine for the intoxicating history behind it all.


Fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, meats, cheeses, breads, nuts, spices, wines, sweets, tea and coffee - and fables. You'll leave satisfied in belly and mind!

From a single day to a week of Israel exploring with a food focus, customised to your own requirements.

We all need to eat but sometimes we want to understand food at a deeper level. Allow us to share the secrets of the real food scene, the local traditions, and the markets.

Local cuisine varies greatly - our palate can choose among a sophisticated café in Caesarea ancient port harbor, a hidden heavenly shwarma shop in Jaffa, surprisingly fine cuisine in old Nazareth, tasty Druze home cooking, a quality family wine cellar in the Golan, a workers restaurant in Jerusalem, or an outdoor camp fire cooking class. This is a combo tour - great historical sites plus the smells, colors, and tastes of food touring in the footsteps of the locals.


Israel Travel Company provides itinerary planning, customized private tours, and quality experiences in Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian areas. We offer a wide range of Israel tours for individuals, couples, families and group travelers, accompanied by any of our professional travel guides.

Israel Travel Company operates as a small, select team of recommended guides. We are a diverse group - each with our own style and approach but all committed to the highest level of professional and personal service.

Individual Israel Travel Company guides can accompany you for your whole visit or a number of guides can spend a day or more with you as part of a unique Israel travel experience.

Each of our tours is custom designed and we specialize in matching the most suitable recommended guide to the style, needs and interests of each client.

All Israel Travel Company guides are licensed by the Israel Ministry of Tourism and are registered on the AnyGuide and AnyRoad websites as Jerusalem and Israel private tour guides.


  • It was the greatest trip of our lives.
    My wife and I just returned from eight days in Israel touring the country with Zel Ledderman, Elais Gahreeb and Joe Safir of the Israeli Travel Company. Every day was jam packed with the sights, sounds, and tastes that made history jump off the pages of the holy texts and into our hearts and minds.”

  • Extremely accommodating, flexible and qualified...
    Israel Travel Company provided us the means and the flexibility to travel Israel in the way we had hoped for on this trip. Highly recommended, extremely professional, interactive and personal.”

  • "Extra Special Effort...
    Joe guided our diverse family group including 2 sets of grand parents, 2 young girls and their parents up North to Tiberias and made this a highlight of our visit to Israel- Dealing with our diverse group and our grand daughters, was challenging but Joe went above and beyond to take us to see stuff most people don't get to see up north in the Golan- Our visit to Safad was particularly fun and joe knows the ins and outs of het area as well as the merchants!

    You couldn't ask for a more knowledgable and accommodating guide."

    Nina I
  • Great Tour with Gary Littwin
    Gary took us on a magical visit of Masada and the Dead Sea. He was thoughtful and took the time to touch base with us well in advance so he could tailor the time to what our family wanted to do. Gary showed us some places on Masada that we noticed others were overlooking. He even took our adult children down the steps to the palace in the 120- degree heat – a real highlight of the trip for them. He had great knowledge of the area, which he shared in an engaging way. I highly recommend Gary for your visit to any part of Israel.”

    Ruth L
  • AMIR GADNAOR is the best guide I've ever had
    Amir was fantastic at helping me plan the bar mitzvah of my eldest son in Jerusalem. He helped me select the place, an awesome Moroccan restaurant to have a feast and celebration the night prior, and helped connect the entire trip back to the bar mitzvah experience. It was way more meaningful than anyone expected.

    Israel is a very complicated place, especially politically. Our family was very interested in the Israeli-Palestinian Arab-Israeli conflict. Amir set up an excursion into the West Bank with a Jewish Settler (a rabbi) who was able to explain his view to us on the occupied territories. The next day, Amir set up a similar afternoon - this time with a Palestinian business man and his college age daughter. Fascinating insights and something most Israeli guides can't set up on a whim.

    Amir was awesome with our kids (ages 10-13). We traveled to Israel in August and it was HOT. Amir made sure we were on the water every day - hiking in rivers, to watering holes, snorkeling, cliff jumping, water tunnels, etc. Kids (and parents) had the time of their lives. He's especially knowledgable about the desert, and insisted that become part of our trip. He was right. The Negev and Jordanian desert were awesome.

    Amir was also able to set up very authentic cultural exchanges for us. We stayed with a Druze family in the Golan Heights just steps from the Syrian border. We had perhaps the best meal of the trip there, and learned a ton about an ethnic group we knew very little about. We also stayed with a Bedouin family in the desert. This was not touristy - this was the real deal. The family cooked dinner for us and we slept outdoors, with them, under 10,000 stars. Amazing.

    Overall, Amir really tried to understand what we wanted to get out of the trip, and helped make sure each segment (kids, parents, grandparents) were able to get what they wanted from the trip. Our trip was fast paced. We woke up before the sun every other day. At the end of the 14 days, I think everyone felt it was among the most epic trips of their lives. I recommend Amir fully and without hesitation.

  • Zel was fabulous - knowlegable, thorough and patient with our diverse group!
    Zel was incredibly knowledgeable and gave us a very thorough tour of Jerusalem, showing us not just historical sites but also a feeling for the real Israel as real people live it, and showing us as well how the country has changed and developed over the years. He was great with our very diverse group - we were aged 7 to 75 and he was able to speak to everyone and their interets in a most engaging way. He was also so patient, humoring my daughter and her endless questions and making sure we had somewhere nice and cool for lunch so everyone could rest."

    Segal F.


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